Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hello, everybody! Frankie Franken here, and we've just seen the trailer for the new film Igor, coming from MGM in September. Igor follows the adventures of a talented Mad-Scientist's-assistant (John Cusack) in the kingdom of Malaria, where Mad Scientists are celebrities who create evil weapons and monsters, and Igors are... just the hunchbacked guys who pull the switch. In a way-cool take on Frankenstein, one Igor (who is much more talented than his master) must overcome prejudices and other Mad Scientists to achieve his dream of becoming a Mad Scientist himself. When he gets his chance, Igor's creation turns out to be a monster girl (wow!) named Eva, who has other things in mind than being someone's weapon.

Our own Mad Doctor John is hot to see this great movie, and we think it's going to be really cool too--a nice early treat for Halloween
! Check out the trailer at

Note: The Mad Doctor is also providing information on this film at Notes From The Monster Shop, and his new animation blog The Powerhouse Files. Check them out.

Also, click the Igor poster to see a video exclusive from Dread Central with
Igor director Anthony Leonidas!

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