Monday, October 26, 2009


It's five days to Halloween, and today for The MonsterGrrls' 31 Days Of Halloween, we have a very special announcement: The MonsterGrrls are now on!

The MonsterGrrls, Book 1: Out From The Shadows is now available for sale on, the world's most popular Internet retail site. We're very excited about this and hope you will share our excitement.

On November 1, the original book The MonsterGrrls, on, will be officially out of print, but will return in our new format very soon, both on CreateSpace and Amazon. The Monster Shop on Cafepress will not go away, however--we're now in transition to changing the Shop into Atomic Brain Industries, which will continue to sell our lines of MonsterGrrls and Fang Club items. Our new URL is, so go there now for Grrls' stuff and one last grab for our original saga before November 1.

See you tomorrow for more of The MonsterGrrls' 31 Days Of Halloween!

POST-MORTEM: Click our post title link above to get your copy of
The MonsterGrrls, Book 1: Out From The Shadows right now!

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Mary Shelley Overdrive said...

I'm going to have to give Out From The Shadows a spin. Good luck with Createspace ... we use them to print our CDs, as well as for our publishing imprint "Penny Dreadful Books." They do pretty good work. Prices are a little cheaper than, as well, though Lulu offers hardback editions.

— Simon,
Mary Shelley Overdrive