Sunday, September 06, 2015


So last year we didn't finish our Thir13en For Halloween.  We got sidetracked.  We got tired.  We got seriously misled by person or persons, and then we were dumped like a cheap latex corpse in a cardboard coffin.  We barely survived.  And Halloween was almost ruined.

But we are back.  And this year, things will be different.  And you'll get some extra posts along with our traditional Thir13en, to make up for our being led down the primrose path.

And, to those who misled us:  We may not have the rights to Halloween, but we definitely have the franchise.  If you would steal away our happiness and our energy and our celebration of our Ghost Wonderful Time Of The Year, just remember one thing:

Halloween is coming.  And so are we.


Here we come...

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charla said...

Yay! I am so Looking forward to your fun posts!