Sunday, April 29, 2007


Welcome to the beginning of the new FrankenGeek Press blog. This blog is a production of one John Rose (me), who created The MonsterGrrls, a novel self-published under the imprint name of FrankenGeek Press, and is a great story about four teenage monsters sent to a human high school. If you haven't already gotten a copy, well, you should.

This blog is a bit different from our sister publication,
The Morlock Heights Harbinger, in that it is personally written by the publisher, and is an attempt to communicate some thoughts about the creation of these characters and their world, what I plan to do in the coming months with the Grrls, show some archival material (and do we have archival material? You bet we does, honey chile) and maybe rant a little bit about how weird everything is becoming, which is not always a bad thing. We're going to start off with five things about me:

1) I was born in Meridian, MS, and grew up in a house a good ten miles out of town, in a rural section populated with woods, trees and forests, where birds sang every morning and squirrels and other forest creatures frolicked in the treetops, and there was little fuss or bother from the outside world. I saw the flaw in this right away, and began working on getting out. Maybe some people can live in the middle of nature, but I'm not one of them. I need cars going by on the road and next-door neighbors who wave hello as they walk by on the street, kids playing in the front yard of their house and dogs barking to each other, and friends that I can gather with. I need the noises of other people living, and I have those things where I live now, in a neighborhood in Greenwood, MS.

2) I have an extremely low tolerance for what drive-in-movie critic Joe Bob Briggs refers to as
bullstuff, and there have been occasions where my personal relationship with other people and the world at large has suffered because of it. Bullstuff is more and more prevalent in society these days, and with the coming of the Internet, the average daily percentage of bullstuff entering modern life has increased by about 5000 percent. Gentle reader(s), I pledge to you now, with my mind and my heart, that I shall try with all my being to avoid bringing bullstuff unto you.

3) I used to listen to a great deal of music. Because the majority of my musical heroes are either dead or inactive and music in modern times has become a quagmire, I no longer do this. Some of the bands I still listen to and am unrepentant about enjoying can be found here and here.

4) I read a lot and have tons of books that I haven't read yet. Whether I will live long enough to read them all is anybody's guess.

5) I like Blogger and use it exclusively. This is not any sort of plug; it's just true. I've tried that damn Myspace thing twice already, and, well...
jeez. (Though I have heard good things about Yahoo 360...)

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Well, there is a page for me now on Yahoo 360, but to be honest... don't wait up. If you want the news straight up, come to this blog or the Harbinger. We'll leave a light on in the crypt...