Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hi, you guys, this is Harriet Von Lupin doing The MonsterGrrls' 31 Days Of Halloween! Since I already did some stuff about cool music for Halloween, I decided I wanna do some more, and Mad Doc's given me the perfect band to talk about! So today we're going to Philadelphia, 'cause you know what's in Philadelphia? Werewolves!!

That's right, Philadelphia is the home city of a groovin' monster band called The Young Werewolves, who have
been rocking there since 2002. The band consists of guitar player Wolfman Nick Falcon, bass player Shewolf Dana Kain, and drummer Jonny Wolf (boy, gotta love these names!), and they all share howling duties! Their music is a cool and rippin' mixture of 1950's-style rockabilly and punk rock (which are also the musics of choice around the Mad Doctor's Monster Shop!) with a healthy dose of monster and B-movie references in their lyrics. Their musical influences range from the Ramones to the Misfits to the Stray Cats to the Monkees to Buddy Holly to the Cramps. (Gee, I'm beginning to wonder if this band actually knows Mad Doc.) They've been part of the Philly club circuit for a long time, but have also opened for national acts and gained great reviews from music critics and horror fans! Their latest album, Cheat The Devil, was produced by horror movie actor Sid Haig, who also does spooky narration on the album.

This band is definitely one of my favorites and makes me wanna howl! ARRROOOOOOO!!! Check them out at their website (just click the link on my title up there) and go to this link for their Myspace page to check out tracks from Cheat The Devil and place your order today for some rockin' Halloween party music!

See you tomorrow for more MonsterGrrls' 31 Days Of Halloween, and that's all for that! OWW-WOOOOOOOO!!!

Harriet Von Lupin

MAD DOCTOR'S NOTE: In addition to being a great and talented band that did a lot to make me feel better about the state of modern music, they were kind enough to share a link with us at their website. Do yourself a favor and check out these cool Young Werewolves. --M.D.