Thursday, October 22, 2009


ARRROOOOOO!!! Gang, this is Harriet Von Lupin reporting for The MonsterGrrls' 31 Days Of Halloween, and I'm so excited! It's not only nine days before Halloween, but one of our absolute favorite bands in the world, the Misfits, has got a brand new single ready for release on Halloween!!

The Misfits are one of our Mad Doctor's biggest inspirations (although for us Grrls, they do remind us a lot of band we like called Teenage Undead), and this new single is the first new original material from these guys in a decade! (Wow, that is like ten years!) It's also their first new release since the super-cool Project 1950 that they put out back in 2003 (which has our favorite song, "Monster Mash") and will feature two new songs, "Land Of The Dead" and "Twilight Of The Dead"!

The new single, which is gonna be out on a limited-edition 12-inch maxi-single, also showcases a weirdly cool zombie painting by artist Arthur Suydam, who has painted stuff for the Marvel Zombies series. It's an homage to zombie-film director George Romero, whose work inspired both songs, and the first pressing of 1000 on clear red vinyl is available now for pre-order at the Misfits' Fiend Store on their website and at the Misfits Records online store. On October 27th, both songs will be digitally available from the Apple iTunes store and other digital music providers. This record is also gonna be on sale at Misfits shows, in a special orange vinyl edition also limited to 1000 pieces! Man, how cool is that?

We can't wait to give this new single a listen, and we hope the Misfits will be around for many more Halloweens to come! See you later on The MonsterGrrls' 31 Days Of Halloween! ARRROOOOOOOO!!!!

Harriet Von Lupin

POST-MORTEM: The Misfits Records newsletter reports that all online orders will ship by or before, but no later than Halloween. Plan your listening parties accordingly, dudes! --H.L.V.