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So it's Halloween, and may I wish everyone who joins us this evening a most happy, happy Halloween.  Usually at this point in the Thir13en For Halloween, I talk about a really cool horror film that some of the horror fans out there may have ignored, overlooked or simply are not aware of.  Well, this Halloween I'm bringing along a whole studio.  The legendary Hammer Film Productions has returned to the public eye with plans to make horror films for a new generation of Hammerheads, and with the release of the successful Wake Wood, their loving remake of Tomas Alfredson's Let The Right One In (titled Let Me In) and the upcoming The Woman In Black, it looks like they're in it to win it, folks.

The Public Life Of Henry The Ninth
Hammer Films has actually been around since 1934, when it was begun by William Hinds, a comedian and entrepeneur who named the company from his own stage name, Will Hammer.  The first Hammer release was the successful comedy The Public Life Of Henry The Ninth, playfully titled after Britain's Academy-Award-nominated The Private Life Of Henry VIII.  Hammer put out a further four films (among them The Mystery Of The Marie Celeste, starring Bela Lugosi) before being forced into bankruptcy in 1937.  In 1946, Hammer was revived by James Carreras, and the company went into shooting various adaptations of radio serials and original mysteries.

Professor Quatermass
1955 saw Hammer's first real entry into the horror realm with an unexpected success: an adaptation of a sci-fi serial shown on BBC Television, The Quatermass Xperiment.  The popularity of this film led to a sequel, Quatermass 2, and Hammer began to investigate American distribution for its product.  Hooking up with Associated Artists Productions (AAP), AAP's head, Eliot Hyman, sent a script for an adaptation of Frankenstein to his contact at Hammer.  Due to concerns that the script followed Universal's film Son Of Frankenstein a tad too closely, the script was eventually rewritten by Jimmy Sangster as The Curse Of Frankenstein.  Directed by Terence Fisher, Curse Of Frankenstein brought together the soon-to-be-infamous team of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, who would appear separately and together in many more of Hammer's most famous horror productions.
The Curse Of Frankenstein

The Not-So-Good Doctor
The Very Evil Count
The raging international success of COF brought forth a sequel, The Revenge Of Frankenstein, in which Cushing reprised his performance of Dr. Frankenstein.  Around this time, Hammer began to consider other horror icons, and in 1958, Horror Of Dracula exploded into theatres with Cushing and Lee doing another tag-team effort as Van Helsing and Dracula.  The technicolor radicality of the production and Christopher Lee's hissing, spitting, animalized performance as the Count broke international box-office records and secured Hammer the rights to remake the entire Universal library.

Queen Of The Hammers
Lovely Miss Caroline
Ingrid gets frisky

The success of The Curse Of Frankenstein and Horror Of Dracula led to entire cycles of films based on these iconic monsters, with Cushing and Lee cavorting as Van Helsing and Dracula for most of the Dracula cycle and Cushing gnawing the scenery as the ever-deranged and viciously sarcastic Dr. Frankenstein through several Frankenstein sequels.  Both of these cycles, and Hammer's other pictures, also gave rise (in more ways than one) to the entity known as Hammer Glamour, as a bevy of beautiful actresses were certain to appear in each new picture.  Among the notable Hammer Glamourites were Ingrid Pitt (who appeared as Countess Karnstein in The Vampire Lovers), Barbara Shelley (who appeared in Dracula, Prince Of Darkness and The Gorgon, and would soon become Hammer's top female star), Martine Beswick (who had the title role in Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde), and the legendary Caroline Munro (famed for Hammer's somewhat offbeat Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter).  Apart from the Frankenstein and Dracula cycles, Hammer did four notable films based on the Mummy (The Mummy, Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb, The Mummy's Shroud, and Blood From The Mummy's Tomb) and would also create other famous (and notorious) films such as Plague Of The Zombies (which would precede Night Of The Living Dead by about two years), Curse of The Werewolf (with the much-loved Oliver Reed as the Werewolf), and adaptations of both The Phantom Of The Opera (with Herbert Lom) and H. Rider Haggard's novel She (featuring Ursula Andress as, well, She).  Hammer wound down in the 1970's with a disastrous production of Alfred Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes, which all but bankrupted the studio.  However, the Hammer films would not be forgotten, as scads of horror hosts in local markets and such shows as Creature Features and Chiller Theatre would include most of Hammer's output in their offerings, ensuring their place--and much love--in the minds and hearts of horror fans.

Wake Wood
Let Me In
In 2007, Hammer resurfaced in the news, as Dutch producer John De Mol purchased the Hammer films rights and planned to restart the studio.  Their first production was a Myspace-exclusive contemporary vampire story called Beyond The Rave.  In 2008, work began on Wake Wood, shooting in Donegal, Ireland with backing by the Irish Film Board, and led to Wake Wood seeing a limited UK/Ireland release in March of 2011.  Bolstered by good reviews and success, Hammer soon partnered with Overture Films and Relativity Media to introduce a 2010 remake of the acclaimed Swedish vampire film Let The Right One In, titled Let Me In.

In 2012, Hammer will return to the Gothic sensibilities with which it made its mark, via a new supernatural thriller titled The Woman In Black.  Based on the Susan Hill novel of the same name, the film stars Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter fame) and is the story of a Victorian-era London lawyer who journeys to a remote English village for the settlement of the recently deceased Alice Drablow, and finds a terrible supernatural mystery that endangers his own child.  Set to hit theaters in February of 2012, The Woman In Black has all the Gothic horrors and mystery that made Hammer great, and in the current mire of remakes, sequels and half-baked genre films, it's no doubt going to be one of the better horror releases of 2012.  Watch for it.  We'll be there.

In closing, the MonsterGrrls and I, as always, have taken great delight in bringing you fun, laughs, and frights for Halloween, and we hope you stick around for what we do next.  May all of you reading this have a prosperous, safe, and happy Halloween for 2011, and please join us again for the party in 2012.  This time, maybe we'll see if we can't blow up the lab...

Happy Halloween to all,
John Rose (the Mad Doctor) and the MonsterGrrls: Frankie, Bethany, Harriet and Punkin 

SPECIAL THANKS TO: John Dimes, Rebecca Bishop, Mod Ghoul, Diane Irby, Sinister Minister and the Altargirls, Uncle Fright, Marlena Midnite, Nicolette Lewis and Sasha Trasha, Bobby Gammonster, Joe Flynn, The Bone Jangler, The Pumpkin Man, The Movie Gravedigger, Jebediah Buzzard and the great Count Gore De Vol.  We couldn't have done any of this without you, and keep up all your good work.  Happy Halloween to you all from all of us here at the Monster Shop!! --J.R. and the Grrls


Hello, everybody, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween! This is Frankie Franken speaking for myself and the other MonsterGrrls, and today we are so excited! Not just because it's Halloween, but today we are speaking with a living legend for the Attack Of The Horror Hosts, the fabulous frightmeister Count Gore De Vol!!
Currently based in Virginia, Count Gore De Vol has hosted horror films since 1971, and is known not only as one of the best horror hosts but also one of the greatest. He has been the subject of a documentary called Every Other Day Is Halloween, and today he is known for being the world's first horror host to take his show to the Internet! Creature Feature The Weekly Web Program not only shows movies but also does reviews and interviews with other leading horror hosts of the scene. Naturally, it couldn't be just one of us to interview him, so on this Halloween, before we hit The Dark Beneath (our local teen monster club in Morlock Heights) for its annual Halloween party, we all sat down to have a chat with the Count!
Frankie: Welcome to The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween, Mr. De Vol! Please tell us about yourself and what you do!
I host horror, science fiction and fantasy movies on the Internet, in traditional style. That means it's one vampire against a world full of bad public domain films and I try my best to make them tolerable!
Bethany: How did your illustrious career begin?
I hosted my first movie on WDXR-TV in Paducah, Kentucky in 1971. However, I really got into the role of vampire around Halloween 1970 when I was asked to help out at a Halloween walk for the Paducah Parks and Rec Department. Then late one night in 1971 after one too many beers I blurted out to the station GM that we should have a vampire hosting horror movies. He turned to me and said,"You're hired!" However, I had to start all over again when I moved to WDCA in Washington, DC and finally got a long term show with Creature Feature that was on the air from 1973 to 1980, and then again from 1984 to 1987.
Punkin: Sir, you is known as the first horror host to start usin this here Internet. What caused this, and how has this big old technologcial gadget changed your work?
Well, in 1998, I realized that with the Internet, people would find my DJ company site and tell me how much they missed Count Gore! I realized that we could put hosted movies on the net then because everyone was using dial-up, but I also realized that someone had to be the first and it might as well be me! So, I took the show format, minus the movie, and added celebrity interviews, product reviews and more to create Creature Feature the Weekly Web Program on July 11, 1998.

Harriet: First of all, Mr. D, you are totally rockin' that 'stache! Second, what are some of your favorite horror movies? Do you enjoy modern horror movies or are you more of a classicist?
I enjoy movies with good plots, stories, acting and most of all...suspense!! I don't care when they were made. Just showing me a film with gruesome special effects does nothing for me.

Frankie: You've inspired many others to take up horror hosting. How do you feel about this?
I’m very flattered and honored that others have been inspired by my work. And, I also encourage and help them when asked. For a while horror hosting seemed to be a dying art form, but not anymore. Next, the world!!!
Bethany: What is your favorite memory of Halloween, and what does it mean to you?
My favorite Halloween was the 1985 "Monster Bash!" This was a hosted horror movie and party that was broadcast live from a local cinema and draft house. We had hundreds of people in costume, a live band, games, prizes, lots of alcohol and we even showed Damien: Omen 2 for the folks at home. It was meaningful because it was the biggest most expensive show I had produced to that time, and I also got to party with my fans!
Frankie: Cool! What are you doing for this Halloween season?
Unlike many hosts, I try and take Halloween off and let the mere mortals play. After all, for me, every other day is Halloween, which also happens to be the title of a great feature-length documentary about my career. To that extent, I bring out the fog machine, effects lights and music from Midnight Syndicate and prepare my domain for the brave souls who dare come up to ask me for candy.
And that is our interview with Count Gore De Vol! Gosh, we have had so much fun this Halloween hanging out with all these different horror hosts, and if you have a horror host who shows movies in your area, then do your best to support them in their endeavors! Plus, be sure to click our title link so you can check out the Count's website and see all the cool things he's doing--which we hope he'll be doing for a long time to come!
The Mad Doctor will be in soon with our last post for the season, so come back for the finale of The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween for 2011! And from all of us to all of you, have a Merry, Scary, Happy Halloween!
Francesca "Frankie" Franken
Bethany Ruthven
Petronella "Punkin" Nightshade
and Harriet Von Lupin,
The MonsterGrrls!!

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Howdy there! This here is Petronella Nightshade, and everbody calls me Punkin. Today I am speakin to you through this Internet blog for The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween, and I am doin another one of the Attack Of The Horror Hosts. I am speakin here with Mr. Jebediah Buzzard, and it seems to me that I knew some Buzzards way back when, but he is from Arkansaw and they was down from somewhere around Louisiana so I reckon they ain't no kin. Mr. Buzzard is hostin horror movies on his show what is called Fright-Time Funhouse, but he used to be a pitchman in a carnival one time, and he is also a musical feller and has done recorded him a CD and made him a movie and all kind of things, so I reckon he is up to more didoes than just hostin horror films. So here is me talkin to Mr. Buzzard.

Howdy do, and welcome to
The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween! Please tell us about yourself and what you do!

Hey, ghouls an' goblins, Jebediah Buzzard here. I’m the host of Fright Time Funhouse, Arkansas' first horror host show!

I hear tell that besides doin your own show you was also on that Monster Madhouse. How did you get connected with them folk, and how did you start hostin Fright Time Funhouse?

After I moved to the Eastern panhandle of the WV/Northern VA/ Washington D.C. region, I found that my show had been playing in Falls Church, VA for two years thanks to Curtis Prather, the founder of the Horror Host Underground. I soon met Karlos Borloff and crew, and the rest is history. As far as starting the Funhouse, it's a contractual obligation with the Prince of Darkness. Now I'm back in Fayetteville, Arkansas, ready to submit a Halloween comeback special.

I hear you is also a musician with a recorded CD, and that you's connected with a short horror film
called Golgotha, AR. Can you please tell us about that?

I did release a CD back in early fall; Jebediah Buzzard and the Buzztones’ D.I.Y. or Die!!! I credit Unknown Hinson for the inspiration. When I met and interviewed him in Vienna, VA he told me to "practice yer guitar and sangin' ever day, and avoid a prison sentence." The new producer of Fright Time Funhouse, Shane Steddum (a.k.a. Nahash ha'Rames) wrote, co-directed and starred in Golgotha, AR. Oh, and by the way, both Golgotha, AR and D.I.Y. or Die!!! are available through Amazon.

What is Golgotha, AR about?

Golgotha, AR is an unusual zombie film in that the zombies are seen more as tragic heroes. There are actually no violent scenes in the entire film, which proves that gratuitous gore is not necessary to disturb and creep one the ever-lovin'-Hell out!

Well, there is not much horror films what gives folks the creeps no more, so maybe we shall give that one a spin. But what's your favorite horror film?

The Abominable Dr. Phibes.

What does Halloween mean to you?

It's the time of year when one can get the best deals on massive bags of Sweet Tarts, and get away with fantastic pranks. You can run at someone with a big fake knife and yell "I'm gonna rip your guts out through yer eye sockets!" and not get arrested. I also celebrate it in the Celtic pagan sense.

What will you do for Halloween this year?

Handing out CD samples, trading cards, and taking little Elvis Buzzard trick-or-treating.

So that there is my interview with Mr. Buzzard, and you can click on them links all through the postin to find out more about all what he has done, and watch some of them horror movies he hosts. It sure sounds like our Mr. Buzzard shall be one busy feller this Halloween.

And speakin of busy, I am havin to leave you now cause it shall be Halloween tomorrow and I got ever kind of thing to do, but y'all come back for our next postin for The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween. May blessings be on you and yours this Halloween season, and take care of yourselves and one another cause sometimes that is all we got in this old world. Happy Halloween, everbody!

Petronella "Punkin" Nightshade

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Hello, everybody, and welcome back for our next Attack Of The Horror Hosts post on The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween! This is Frankie Franken, and I'm reporting on the very interesting Movie Gravedigger, who is creating his own hosted series of video reviews of your favorite horror movies--and preparing to host horror movies himself! Want to know where the best horror movies are buried? Let's talk to the Movie Gravedigger!

Welcome to
The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween! Can you please share with our readers about yourself and what you do?

Our current work is a on-going series of video horror-movie reviews that contain a mix of movie footage, commentary, and humor. It is done in costume on our horror set, which is all real, not greenscreen. I am the character The Movie Gravedigger, but it is not a one-man show. My son Ryan J. Kinney is a 21-year-old senior at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pa working on a degree in pre-law English. We co-created the character and overall idea. Ryan writes most of the material as well as doing the photography and editing.

Family shows are always good! Is Movie Gravedigger open to all horror films or a select period?

We cover all periods of horror and include mainstream, uncommon and indy movies in our areas of interest.

What inspired the creation of Movie Gravedigger? How long have you been doing it?

Movie Gravedigger was in the idea stage for about two years. The actual filming work on the reviews just started in August 2011.

Since you are a reviewer of horror movies, what is your viewpoint on the state of horror films today?

Unfortunately, I often find myself leaving the theater disappointed. I do not believe all horror films need to be good stories to be scary, but there does seem to be a lack of well-told stories. I think a lot of the disappointment lies in things being so over hyped that it can't help but be a letdown.

We hear that you may be hosting films soon. Can you share?

Yes. This is actually the first time I've mentioned this in public but we will be hosting horror movies on TV on the Mercyhurst College TV station staring in November or December 2011. Really looking forward to this. We also have plans for several videos that I'm not ready to go into detail on yet.

We wish you good luck! What is your best memory of Halloween?

Oh, so many great Halloweens--so many costumes, so many memories. I've trick-or-treated in rain, snow, cold and warm weather. When I was about six, I had a Green Lantern costume and I got sick and couldn't go out, but my mom salvaged the night by letting me pass out the treats (and of course infect the entire neighborhood). One of my favorite Halloweens was when Ryan was little. My work had us relocate to another town for three years. On Halloween during Year One, Ryan got third place in a school costume contest. On Halloween during Year Two, he got second place and in the third and final year at that school he won the scariest costume. I guess I got better at doing horror make-up.

What does Halloween mean to you?

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Here in northwest Pennsylvania, the leaves change and October is so full of color. We get to dress up as anything our imagination can create and take to the streets or meet up with friends, How great to see what original ideas come from our imaginations! I am all for creating a spring equivalent of Halloween so we don't have to wait a whole year. (Right, like it isn't Halloween for me everyday!) Maybe St. George's Day (April 23rd). Who's with me?!

I'll join you for that, and so will the other MonsterGrrls! What will you do for Halloween this year?

Wow! This year the whole month of October has gone wild. On top of relocating our business, Needful Things Coins & Collectables and operating the business, Ryan is going to school full time.

Ryan and I are both working at a local haunt called Cornophobia on Friday and Saturday nights. I do make-up for the actors and play the Movie Gravedigger character at the entrance to the haunt. In addition we will be at the Eerie Horror Fest October 27, 28, 29 & 30th. They really have a great group of celebrities this year, and Greg Ropp and his crew put on a fantastic show every year.

I am also trying to help raise funds to save the Chapel at
Evan's City Pa. Cemetery where the opening scenes for the 1968 Night of the Living Dead movie was filmed. The building has fallen into disrepair and a group of concerned fans and cast members from the film are trying to save this old building from demolition. To learn more check out "the Living Dead Festival" page on Facebook.

I have a little story about my last visit to Evan's City Cemetery. In August we shot some footage for a future episode of Movie Gravedigger at the Cemetery. A lot of people stop just to take photos. A couple with their children stopped and talked to us they had driven over 500 miles out of their way on vacation just to stop and shoot a few photos. As we were driving away I called out the window in my most ghoulish voice: They're coming to get you Barbara! The woman laughed so hard she nearly fell over a tombstone. Her children and husband were laughing like crazy. I'll always remember that, and I'm sure they will too.

To learn more about the Movie Gravedigger and all the cool things he's doing, just click on the links throughout our post. Needful Things Coins And Collectables is located at 210 High St., Waterford, PA 16441, so if you're in the Waterford area, stop by and tell them Frankie Franken and the MonsterGrrls sent you!

Be back soon for more of The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween, because we're coming down to the wire!

Sincerely, Francesca "Frankie" Franken


Hello, everybody, this is Frankie Franken and the MonsterGrrls reporting for Tales From The Monster Shop, and today's Attack Of The Horror Hosts post features the very unusual Pumpkin Man, who hosts classic horror movies on his own show, Fright Night Theater. FNT also features classic hard rock and metal songs along with lots of horror-host goofiness, and even though he's really busy around Halloween time, Pumpkin Man graciously sat down for a quick interview with us!

Frankie: Welcome to
The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween! Please tell us about yourself and what you do.

Pumpkin Man: I'm The Pumpkin Man! I'm over 2000 years old and I
don't look a day over 25. (laughs) Anyway, I love horror movies and the classic Universal Monsters. I love them so much I host a show called FRIGHT NIGHT THEATER!

Bethany: What is the origin of the Pumpkin Man? What inspired you to be a horror host?

Pumpkin Man:
I come from long ago when pagans worshipped All Hallows Eve! My inspiration is scaring everyone I can.

Bethany: Hmm. What's
your favorite horror movie?

Pumpkin Man:
Well, I guess if I have to pick just one, it would be Halloween!

Harriet: Cool! That's just about the only modern horror movie we like, although Mad Doc has pretty good taste sometimes.

Frankie: How do you create your show?

Pumpkin Man:
I create my show by ad-libbing every damn thing... (laughs)

Punkin: What do you think about all them new remade horror films, Mr. Punkin Man?

Pumpkin Man:
Don't get me started on that! I HATE THE REMAKE MACHINE!! Why can't people with original ideas and stories get onscreen? Because Hollywood is a bunch of IDIOTS!

Bethany: Don't hold back, darling.

Frankie: What was your favorite Halloween costume?

Pumpkin Man:
My favorite costume is mine! (laughs)

Punkin: What was your best Halloween?

Pumpkin Man:
Every Halloween is best to me.

Frankie: What does Halloween mean to you?

Pumpkin Man: Halloween means everything to me. It's the only time of the year where the victims come to see me... Wait!!! I mean visitors. Yeah, that's it, visitors come to see me.

And that is our interview with the Pumpkin Man, who can be seen on his own channel at Youtube and at the Horror Host Graveyard! Be back with us for our next installment of The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween, and get ready because the Ghost Wonderful Time Of The Year will soon be here!

Francesca "Frankie" Franken,

Bethany Ruthven,

Petronella "Punkin" Nightshade
and Harriet Von Lupin,

The MonsterGrrls!!

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OWW-WOOOOO!! Hi there, Halloween hootenanners! (Is that even a word?) This is your roving werewolf Harriet Von Lupin with The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween, and we're doing the Attack Of The Horror Hosts today with a really super-cool bone-daddy dude from the Windy City of Chicago, the glorious and notorious Bone Jangler!

This happening haunter is the host of not one but two kooky-spooky shows: The Bone Jangler, his regular nighttime horror-movie show that features his glamorous paramour the Enchantress Nocturna and his cavorting Coven Girls, and The Bone Jangler's Daytime Dungeon, a daytime edition for all ages that shows cool old cartoons with the Jangler, Nocturna, and Young Master Gregory, his "Earth nephew" and dedicated monster kid! Gang, it's time to hang with the Jangler!!

Welcome to The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween, Mr. J! Please tell us about yourself and what you do!

I am an immortal, omnipotent, omniscient (as I choose to be at any given moment) being from Beyond whose attention was drawn to your Earth by the Big Bang that spawned this universe. I decided to stick around and have some fun.

Groovy! But since you got here on Earth, you now have an entire Coven to do your bidding. Are they merely minions or equal partners in your bid for world takeover?

Well, I am the king of my castle, you know? But I like to treat everyone, or my people at least, equally. The Coven Girls are here to please Nocturna and I, and each other. We're a bunch of badasses, basically.

You also involve family members in your show, and have a family-themed edition of your show. Can you elaborate?

My Earth nephew Young Master Gregory co-hosts our afternoon program, The Bone Jangler's Daytime Dungeon, and has done so since the second episode of that show. He was five years old at that time, and I created that show just for him, in a way.

When we shot his first appearance, he'd been diagnosed with an extremely rare condition that only 1% of people get, and only 1% of people survive. His first appearance could easily have been his last. He underwent extensive cranial surgery just 8 days after we taped that show. He is a miracle boy, and he is loved by so many from all over your

So utterly cool! We love monster kids, and the MonsterGrrls give a shout-out to the Greg-ster! But how did you get started as a horror host?

I had been trading tapes of past and present Horror Host TV shows for a few years, and had amassed quite a collection of them. One day, whilst watching The Son Of Ghoul Show, the thought crossed my mind that Nocturna and I would be naturals, as we truly lived the life that these actors were portraying in these shows. We recently celebrated the 10th Anniversary of our nighttime show, and the 6th anniversary of our daytime show.

Marvy fab! So, Mr. J, being all immortal and stuff, and having been around in the Horror Host biz for so long, this next one's kind of a given. How do you feel about the state of horror movies today?

While there are many well made and entertaining horror movies being made today, I don't feel that, as a whole, that they hold a candle to the movies made in the past. The horror movies made in the period between, say, the 30’s and the 70’s, to me, were much more mysterious, classy, and scary.

And that's just the way we feel, too! So what is your favorite Halloween memory?

Many of my favorite Halloweens took place in the 70’s. However, I take Greggy trick-or-treating every year, and it's always a good time.

One last share of your mystical wisdom, Mr. J. What does Halloween mean to the Bone Jangler?

For me, Halloween is about the celebration of Autumn, all things spooky, people wearing costumes, eating candy, and sharing it all in a communal experience, young and old, with the emphasis on the spookiness.

Thank you for including me in your Thir13en For Halloween!

Hey, it wouldn't have been a party without you! Thanks for hanging with us!

As you can see, the Bone Jangler is a really cool dude for an omniscient all-powerful alien immortal! If you're not able to catch his show on the tube, you can see his show online at the Monster Channel every Saturday night at 8 PM, 7 Eastern time! And don't forget to return here online for our next installment of The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween! Dudes, the Big Day is almost here! OWW-WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Harriet Von Lupin

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello, everybody, and welcome back to The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween! This is Frankie Franken, your Creature-Grrl correspondent for the Attack Of The Horror Hosts, and today we're continuing the Thir13en with Joe Flynn, host of The Joe Flynn Show on California's Channel 15 in the San Jose area. Joe Flynn is a self-described monster movie maniac who hosts classic horror movies on his show, and enjoys the horror genre as much as we do!

Welcome to The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween! Please tell us about yourself and what you do!

I’m Joe Flynn, and I grew up in San Jose, California, watching classic TV shows like Dark Shadows and Creature Features with the late great Bob Wilkins and John Stanley, who got me into my love for horror movies and what I do today! I am an actor and horror host of The Joe Flynn Show with my co-host Priscilla, and I've been in a few movies. This is our 10th year on the air.

How did the Joe Flynn Show get started? Where can we see it?

It came about with my friends while working on another local cable show. They knew my love for horror movies, so that's how it got started! If you live in the San Jose/Campbell area you can see it on Channel 15 or you can watch it online at on Friday night at 12 AM Pacific, 3 AM Eastern. If you'd like to have your films to be reviewed or your trailer play on our show, contact us!

What do you think a horror host is, or should be?

A horror host is someone who can entertain the fans, be it with some movie trivia or being themselves. A horror host should always be polite to fans and always support their fellow horror hosts worldwide.

What is your favorite horror movie?

I have way too many favorites. Here’s a short list: Dracula, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, 2001 Maniacs, Night Of The Living Dead.

What do you think about modern vs. classic horror?

I think there’s a place for both of them! I'm still loyal to classic horror movies, but there’s a few cool modern horror films out there… Trick’r Treat, the short film Horror Of Our Love which is a great throwback to 80's horror films.

What does Halloween mean to you?

Halloween to me is the one night where we can dress up who we want to be, if it be dressing up like a zombie, a vampire, a ghost, a witch, a ghoul, Michael Myers, Jason or Freddy, to get some cool candy.

Describe a favorite Halloween memory.

Favorite Halloween memory… tough one! When after trick or treating, getting a creepy phone call asking if your mom or dad were home! Like in the movie Scream!

What will you do for this Halloween?

I will be filming the kids’ trick or treat at my house for our show while listening to some Halloween music, then watching some classic horror movies. Remember to watch horror movies and keep America strong! A big shout-out to our fans and fellow horror hosts!

Thanks for talking with us, Joe, and all my readers can also see The Joe Flynn Show at, too! Be sure to join us for the next installment of The MonsterGrrls' Thir13en For Halloween... golly, the day is almost here!


Francesca "Frankie" Franken