Thursday, October 23, 2008

Review Of TEEN WOLF By Harriet Von Lupin

Hey, you guys, this is Harriet Von Lupin, your roving reporter for The MonsterGrrls' 31 Days Of Halloween, and gang, we are counting down to the Big Day! ARRRROOOOOOOO!! Today I'm doing a movie review, and I've got kind of a weird one for you. This is a movie called Teen Wolf, starring Michael J. Fox.

This movie was a little weird for me because even though it's one of
Mad Doc's favorite films, I wasn't real sure about the werewolf end of it. It's like Punkin felt about that movie The Witches when she reviewed it; this isn't how real werewolves act. I'll talk about that in a minute, but first, my review!

The Fox guy is cast as a kid named Scott Howard who kinda has a sucky life; he plays on a lousy basketball team and wants to date this snotty but pretty girl who doesn't even like him, while he's like completely ignoring the fact that he's got a really cute girl right there, who really likes him. Scott wants to be something special, and eventually he finds out that he is; he's a werewolf, in a family of werewolves because his dad's one too. (The scene where Scott's like transformed in the bathroom and then opens up the door and sees his dad there, who's transformed too--that was funny!) Anyway, Scott tries to control the transformation, which doesn't work (I coulda told him that) and his whole school ends up knowing he's a werewolf. He ends up being real popular and stuff, and he gets the snotty pretty girl, but he finds out that there's kind of a price for all this popularity.

Now, like I said, this isn't how werewolves act. We don't have this whole problem thing going on when our Change first hits; we have parties and invite the family. (Sometimes, because werewolf Clans are so big, those parties last for days.) Also, a werewolf wouldn't use his abilities to get popular, which is what Scott does, and he even has this other friend selling T-shirts and stuff for him. This was the stuff that made me, as a werewolf, not like this movie. But there is a really cool message in this movie about being yourself and being true to what you really are, and that was something I did like, 'cause that's what being a werewolf is, and you should always be true to yourself, even on Halloween when everybody's dressing up! (Plus, I'm sorry, makeup dudes, but you got it wrong, 'cause Scott looks more like a Wendigo than a werewolf. I've seen 'em and I know what I'm talking about.)

So if you're looking for a cool werewolf movie for Halloween... well, I hear that Wolf Man thing is good. But like I said, this movie has some pretty good stuff anyway, even though it's not actually a werewolf movie, in my opinion. But hey, that's me. So try it and see. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Love to all you readers, and see you soon for more 31 Days Of Halloween! OWW-WOOOOOO!!!

Harriet Von Lupin

POST-MORTEM: I heard there was like a cartoon show made from this movie, and there was an episode of it on that Youtube thing that Mad Doc likes. It was kinda cooler than this movie, in my opinion. --H.V.L.