Saturday, August 25, 2007


The MonsterGrrls would like to give a special shout-out to mystery/romance novelist Carolyn Haines! Our Mad Doctor joined the Greenwood Writers' Guild Chapter and met with Mrs. Haines at a booksigning at Turnrow Books in Greenwood, MS recently.

Carolyn Haines hails originally from Lucedale, MS. The daughter of two journalists, she grew up reading and writing. She began her career writing for Harlequin Intrigue under the pen name Caroline Burnes, but now publishes her highly acclaimed Bones series under her own name. Bones details the adventures of Sarah Booth, a Southern belle and private investigator who is assisted by Jitty, the antebellum-era ghost who haunts Sarah's ancestral home of Dahlia
House. The latest in the series is Ham Bones, in which Sarah herself is under investigation for the murder of Renata Troviola, a diva actress who is now the main squeeze of Sarah's former lover Graf Mileau. Quite soapy stuff!

In addition to the Bones series, Carolyn has also published several acclaimed novels such as Penumbra and Fever Moon. Penumbra details the story of Jade Bramlett, the biracial sister of Marlena, the white daughter of a prominent society matron in Drexell, MS. When Marlena is raped and beaten and her six-year-old daughter abducted, Jade must cope with the town's racial discord as she tries to find the kidnappers. Fever Moon is a supernatural suspense thriller, in which Deputy Raymond Thibodeaux must discover the truth behind the murder of wealthy Henri Bastion and his alleged murderer Adele Hebert, who claims to be possessed by the spirit of a werewolf.

We proudly welcome Mrs. Haines into honorary Fang Club Membership! All of her novels are available at Click our headline link to visit her official website!