Friday, October 03, 2008

The SECRET Is Out! SECRET SATURDAYS Begins TONIGHT On Cartoon Network!

Hello, everybody! Frankie Franken here, and Happy 31 Days Of Halloween to all of you! Gosh, we've been so busy planning our Halloween celebration that we nearly forgot to mention--The Secret Saturdays is premiering on Cartoon Network tonight!

The Secret Saturdays
details the adventures of Doc, Drew and Zak Saturday, a family of
cryptozoologists who travel the world solving the mysteries of Earth's strangest creatures to save them from the evil machinations of V. V. Argost, who's bent on finding them for his own evil purposes. Created by Jay Stephens, this super-cool cartoon is full of monsters of all types, and perfect for the Halloween season! We want this cartoon to become a major hit, so make sure you tune in and watch tonight! Click on the link in our blog title to go straight to the Cartoon Network's Secret Saturdays portal for games, clips and show information!

Also, check out Jay Stephens' blog Monsterama, which is hosted right here on Blogger. Click the handy link in our Graveyard section here on the Harbinger to meet the groovy-ghouly creator of the Saturdays and read his ruminations and remembrances on monster culture! It's cryptid craziness galore, so make sure you don't miss out!

Frankie Franken

The Secret Saturdays premieres tonight on Cartoon Network. Join us in watching and help to make this cartoon a monster hit! And don't forget to keep watch here at the Harbinger for a review of the first episode among the special treats in our 31 Days Of Halloween!