Thursday, June 07, 2007


So here's the thing. I'm doing an early morning email check; I've got a Writers' Guild meeting at my house tonight, lots to do, so I'm grabbing a few quick messages. Like you, I use an email browser that throws tons of news and media crap at me when I open it up, in the hopes that I might click on some of it to see what's what. So I'm waiting to get my stuff and I see an entertainment headline: "Nicole Giggles About Jail."

Most of us, of course, have been following with half an ear the trials and tribulations of Paris Hilton and her "jail time." So I clicked on it, and the headline of the article quoted Miz Nicole Richie as saying, "Everyone goes to jail."

News flash: Not
everyone goes to jail, you jackass. In my world, you're not supposed to go to jail, and some of us don't. Instead we try to live our lives, get on with things, not hurt anybody if we can possibly avoid it and stay out of trouble as much as possible. And because of this, we are touted as boring "little people."

Now here's my question: How much longer are we going to let these idiots who call themselves "celebrities" and have become famous for doing
nothing stay in the limelight?

That's my word on the whole situation. I'm outta here. More Grrl talk next time.