Both of our current books in the MonsterGrrls series are available from, and available for Kindle.

Book 2: Full Moon Fever
In the second volume of the MonsterGrrls saga, the battle between the MonsterGrrls and the Clique begins to heat up, while monster-hunter Khaine continues his quest to rebuild the Shadow League.  And if things weren't bad enough, werewolf Harriet has to play her first basketball game under a full moon...

Book 1: Out From The Shadows
The new students at Clearwater High are very, very different.  In fact, they're real monsters.  Frankie (a Creature), Bethany (a vampire), Punkin (a witch) and Harriet (a werewolf) begin attending Clearwater High School in the human world, making friends with local outcasts Emily, Theo and Stuart and incurring the wrath of Jessica Hardin-St. James and her ruling Clique.  As the humans and the monsters get to know each other, the Grrls accept a dare from Jessica to spend the night in the local 'haunted' house.  But something is there, and it doesn't like monsters...

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