I don't like writing stuff about myself, but here goes...

John Rose is the Grrls' Mad Doctor, the person who created the MonsterGrrls and the one responsible for all of this you're reading.  His day job is as an art teacher in the Greenwood Public Schools system in Greenwood, MS, where he teaches middle school art to seventh and eighth grade and has done so for 20-plus years.  This experience has made him duly qualified to understand monsters.

The story of the MonsterGrrls first came to life in 2001 as a much larger single novel that is now out of print.  The story was retconned into a more palatable series, of which the first two books, Out From The Shadows and Full Moon Fever, are now available.  The series, about four teenage monsters who have been chosen to attend high school in the human world, is representative of John's long-standing love of classic monster films and ephemera.  More books in the series are coming.

I also will answer email at  If you have a question about the Grrls, about my books, about myself and what I do, or if you would just like me to come somewhere and talk about writing, monsters, and/or generally be obstreperous and esoteric to people that you don't like, please feel free to send me an e-mail.  I answer most e-mails.  (If you are writing to tell me that you are an East Indian prince on the run from hostile terrorists who will send me $1 million in Krugerrands if I will send you $20 to this Paypal address, that would be an example of an email I will not answer.  I also do not want any new watches, either.  So skip it.)


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