Sunday, August 14, 2011


Well, howdy! This here is Petronella Nightshade, but everbody calls me Punkin, and up here at the Monster Shop we are all in a swivet cause we been some kind of busy. Our Mad Doctor Mr. John has been finishin up his next book what's about us MonsterGrrls and our adventures, but he has also met up with a bunch of other writer folks on that Facebook, and so we are now helpin them out with our new feature here on this blog, Writers On The Storm. Today I am speakin with Miss Wenona Hulsey, who is a writer gal and has done up some fantasy stories for young ones what are a right smart. So here we are talkin.

Hey there! Can you introduce yourself to my readers?

Hi, Punkin! I'm Wenona Hulsey and I write paranormal romance/urban fantasy novels. I'm also the mother of two beautiful children, ages 6 and 15.

We hear you write books and such. How did you get into writin?

I started out as an avid reader. I would devour three and four books a week for all different genres. Writing was a natural transition for me. I knew what I loved to read in a book and how I begged for the next great emotional roller coaster ride that I found in the well written stories so I sat down to write my own ideas out. Before I knew it, I had not only a novel written but a great short story too.

What was some writers who inspired you?

I've always been a fan of Stephen King; he has a gift for making you read with all the lights on in your house. But the true inspiration came from author HP Mallory. Not only did I love her books, which are also paranormal romances like mine, but she is a great person who was always there when I first started writing with a word of support. She also started out self-publishing and did very well.

Our Mad Doctor likes that Stephen King too. But please tell us about your latest books, Burden Of Blood and Blood Awakening.

Blood Awakening and Burden of Blood kind of go hand in hand. Blood Awakening gives you a look into the lives of Nicole Keenan and her best friend Kat before their lives are turned upside down by an ancient grudge and powers that were hidden away in Nicole. It also lets you see what starts the chain of events that unfolds in my novel Burden of Blood. I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say there are some strong warriors and feisty fairies kicking some tail in this modern-day story.

Well, them fairies is bad news where I come from. But I hear you incorporate Irish folklore into your stories. What specific myths are you talkin about?

There are actually several ideas from Irish folklore incorporated into my book; I had a lot of fun researching these parts. There are small things like the Wych elm surrounding a graveyard. The Irish believed the tree was a protector of burial areas and aided the dead souls' passage to the underworld. I also incorporate the belief that the last person who is buried in a graveyard is a type of caretaker to the souls in purgatory, carrying them water as they await judgement, until someone else is buried. My main characters are Celtic warriors and fairies, so you can't get much more Irish than that.

What's some of your other novels or upcomin projects?

I'm currently working on Blood of Fire; it will finish up the Nicole Keenan series. I have a idea banging around in my head for a murder mystery that I keep writing down random notes about. It will be quite different from writing romances, but I just can't ignore a great idea.

So that there is my interview with Miss Hulsey, and you can find her books at both that Amazon and Barnes And Noble. She also does some bloggin like us, and clickin on her picture up there will take you right to it so you can find out all about her latest projects and what she's up to. As for me, it is first one thing and then another round here, but I shall see you next time, and blessings be on you and yours!


Petronella "Punkin" Nightshade

MAD DOCTOR'S NOTE: As Punkin said, Wenona Hulsey's novels and stories are available from both Amazon and Barnes And Noble, so if you are in the mood for good paranormal romance, click on the covers and links in our article to check 'em out. You'll need a Kindle for Amazon and/or a Nook for B&N; if you don't have one, software apps for them can be found on both sites for most computers and handheld devices. --M.D.