Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Review Of SCOOBY DOO 2: MONSTERS UNLEASHED By Punkin Nightshade

Hey, y'all! This here is Punkin Nightshade, and gorry, we only got three days left on our 31 Days Of Halloween! Today I am reviewin a movin picture called Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. This picture is based on a old spooky cartoon show called Scooby Doo, what is the adventures of a gang of mystery-solvin kids called Mystery Inc., and their talkin hound-dog named Scooby Doo what is plumb scairt of ghosts. There was another movin picture before this one, and this here is the next one after that movie, what they call a sequel. Most sequels ain't as good as the first one, but this one ain't like that.

This picture starts out with Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby Doo, what is
the hound-dog, gettin all honored and such at a museum in their hometown of Coolsville. There is an exhibition at the museum what is a bunch of costumes of all the monsters that they have caught in their adventures over the years, and they are attendin the grand openin. Everthing is goin along until this Evil Masked Feller shows up, cause there is always an Evil Masked Feller in Scooby Doo shows, and the Pterry-O-Dactal Ghost costume comes alive and starts attackin folks. The Evil Masked Feller runs off with the Black Knight Ghost and the Umpteen Thousand Volt Ghost costumes, and this nasty reporter lady starts messin up folks' opinions of the Mystery Inc. gang, usin what they call biased reportin, and makin Fred and Daphne feel bad about theirselves and wonderin if they are doin right. Well, there ain't nothin to do but go find the Evil Masked Feller, and the gang all think Old Man Wickles done it, cause he had done it before in another episode, so they go off to the old haunted house that Old Man Wickles lives in and start snoopin around lookin for clues. Meanwhile, Shaggy and Scooby is feelin bad about theirselves cause they goofed up with keepin the Pterry-O-Dactal Ghost from runnin off with all the costumes, so they are tryin to be better detectives, but they're still goofin up cause they can't much help theirselves. Velma is also feelin bad about herself, cause she has always been the smart one and now she is likin the museum curator, and she's worried that she ain't attractive enough to get him interested in her. This is all examples of what they call dramatic subplot.

Anyhow, they find an old book in Wickles' house what is a guide for makin monsters, and then the Black Knight Ghost shows up. They manage to fight him off and get out with the book, and then some more dramatic subplot happens with Velma dressin up in a rubber catsuit tryin to impress this museum curator feller and Shaggy and Scooby runnin off to a nightclub full of villains, tryin to find out if Old Man Wickles done it or not. The gang starts thinkin that this old mad doctor feller what used to be the Pterry-O-Dactal Ghost is the one that done it, but it turns out that he got himself kilt tryin to get out of prison. Eventually they find out that some chemical is responsible for bringin them costumes to life, and that the Evil Masked Feller has built a machine for doin it. Then some more dramatic subplot happens and it ain't long before the Mystery Inc. gang is goin up against durn near ever bad old ghost they ever faced, includin the Pterry-O-Dactal Ghost, the Black Knight Ghost, the Umpteen Thousand Volt Ghost, a Tar Monster Ghost, a Cotton Candy Ghost,
Captain Cutler's Ghost who is a glowin feller in a divin suit, and even an old Zombie Ghost what throws up all over folk. The rest of the movie is about the gang feelin better about theirselves and savin Coolsville by puttin a stop to all them bad old ghosts.

There's a mess of actors in this movin picture. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar is playin Fred and Daphne, and the reason they are so good at it is because they are married up in real life. Linda Cardanelli and Matthew Lillard are playin Velma and Shaggy, and you durn near can't tell the difference between them and the cartoons, especially old Shaggy. Neil Fanning is playin the voice of Scooby Doo, but the rest of him is made up out of that computer animation, cause it wouldn't look right if a drawin of a hound-dog was runnin around with live folks. They also use this computer animation to make up some of the bad old ghosts, too. Peter Boyle is playin Old Man Wickles, Alicia Silverstone is playin the nasty reporter lady, Tim Blake Nelson is playin the old mad doctor feller, and Seth Green is playin the museum curator. There was folks what said this movin picture wasn't all that good, but I thought it was a durn sight better than the first one, cause the first one was doin all kind of mess about all these rumors what have popped up about the Scooby Doo show over the years, such as Fred and Daphne sneakin off durin the clue searchin to get up to didoes. You know, just triflin' stuff, what don't help nobody. But this picture don't do none of that, and is more like a big old Scooby Doo episode, which is probly the way it ought to be. Anyhow, one thing I can tell you is that this picture is probly a good fit for your Halloween celebratin, cause pretty near everbody likes old Scooby Doo and his friends, and them trackin down ghosts and spooks. But one thing I can't tell you is who the Evil Masked Feller turns out to be, cause that would spoil the picture.

So I am done here, and hope y'all like it. Y'all come back tomorrow as we start windin up our 31 Days Of Halloween, and blessings be on everbody who's readin this! Happy Halloween!

Petronella Nightshade