Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hey, y'all! This here is Punkin Nightshade, speakin to you through this computer blog, and wishin you well for our 31 Days Of Halloween. Today I am not doin a movin picture review but instead will tell you about a funny little website that our Mad Doctor and us think right highly of. It's called Ravensblight, and was made up by a feller name of Ray O'Bannon, and it can be found at

Mr. Ray O'Bannon is an interestin feller and a right smart. He started out puttin up some paintin pictures he did on the Internet, but after awhile he started wantin to do some more stuff, and Ravensblight has evolved into the website you can go to today. There is all kind of things there, showin that Mr. O'Bannon is a very creative feller and likes to make stuff. There is an Arcade from what you can download and play some actual little computer games that he has made up, featurin monsters and zombies and such, cause Mr. O'Bannon is like our Mad Doctor in that he likes monsters. There is also a Toy Shop, which has a bunch of little paper toys you can download and print out on your computer and make yourself, and has got everythin from book covers to board games to a set of playin dice to a little model of Ravensblight Manor, with a little history of it too. There's musical stuff in the Music Studio, featurin original pieces of music that Mr. O'Bannon has writ and performed, and short horror stories in the Library, some of which got audio files of him readin them, and of course his paintin pictures and photgraphs in the Art Gallery. And the Theatre even has some little short films that you can watch. All in all, Mr. O' Bannon is a very busy and crafty feller, so I wanted to tell you about his website so you can come round for a visit. To my mind, it's a right smart work, so go round and visit him.

Now I got somethin else to tell you before I go. October's our most favorite month of all cause Halloween's a-comin, but it's also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This breast cancer is somethin that should not be taken lightly, cause it is a disease that is the second leadin cause of death in women, exceeded only by lung cancer. It is also the most common cancer to show up amongst women, exceptin skin cancer, and just last year in 2007 there was 40,480 deaths from breast cancer. So I am thinkin that we got to do somethin about this.

In my picture up there, you can see I am wearin a pink ribbon. All the other MonsterGrrls and I are wearin these to show that we are supportin research for breast cancer so's we can find a cure. If y'all would like to help, you can find out more from these good folks at, and there's more here on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month at We're speakin to you about this cause we want everbody readin this to be round for the next Halloween and a whole bunch more of Halloweens a-comin, and we sure appreciate that all them what's survived to see this Halloween is still with us. Blessings be to them and their loved ones.

Y'all be sure to come back tomorrow, cause October ain't done with yet and Halloween's comin on! We'll be back with more of The MonsterGrrls' 31 Days Of Halloween, and blessings be on you and yours!

Petronella Nightshade